Rooting Kindle Touch

Its yours right? So lets get the most out of it.


When you ask most Do-It-Yourself people or hackers we would probably say, "how does this work" or "if you bought it then you are allowed to take it apart and do what you want with it".  This document is not for the intent of ripping off services or stealing from the makers of the Kindle.  Though I do "hear" the previous 3G Kindles that had monthly service payments for the service were able to be rooted and get free 3G service.  That kind of procedure is outside the scope of this article.

By rooting your device you actually can say that this is "Your Device" now. When you purchase a laptop you get the ability of an administrator, so why not with your phone or other personal devices.


Step 1 - Lets get started!

Unwrap your box if you first purchased your machine and charge it up.  After all it is best to get a good proper batter life out of your system first. Personally I'd prefer that you start when it comes right out of the box and with the Wifi turned off.