About Us

Xeno Innovations, Inc. (pronounced: "Z ē - N ō") is a medical software engineering company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Our research and development creations are focused on physical medicine including, physical evaluations and exploring neuroscience mapping.

Leaders in administrative software solutions for medical and sports medicine offices. XI breaks the technological curve in medical software solutions. We're continuously working diligently to deliver the latest in mobile and multi-platform desktop software. Some solutions include working with handheld electronic manual muscle testers (dynamometer), range-of-motion (goniometer), and AMA (American Medical Association) compatible reporting services.

Brief History

Early Years
Originally started as an organization of very young and talented computer programmers in 1997-2002. Works included various projects such as Network Security, Administration Control, Encryption Software, System Virtual Desktop Managers (to improvise the Linux look and feel), and various other free-ware projects.  From 2000 onward, the company's focus changed towards professional applications and consulting.

In 2007, Xeno Innovations, Inc. incorporated and teamed up with Functional Diagnostix to begin revolutionizing the physical and sports medicine world offering products which provide insurance reimbursements to patients seeking maximum medical improvement. By mid-2015 we revolutionized the industry by offering solutions for athletic associations to monitor athletes during training. By being able to better predict a serious injury your trainers are to being applying prehab methodologies and keep your team safe.