Physical Impairment Evaluation software

Our Fdx-PIE* software provides functional impairment & physical capacity test results which satisfy the requirements to document Medical Necessity and Eligibility for insurance reimbursements

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* Now comes with QuantiFAST!


Fdx-PIE (Physical Impairment Evaluation)

The Fdx-PIE application is geared towards 100% towards evaluating and documenting medical necessity for your customers.  It has been tested time and time again with successful objective results in many industries.  It's usage is not just limited to General Practices, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Worker's Compensation, Personal Injuries and Auto Accidents.  The usages of our complete system are nearly endless!

Like all of our applications, the Fdx-PIE has been geared so you can quickly evaluate your customers and continue focusing on patient care.  Your satisfaction is our goal. 

Our software is specifically designed to provide the insurance industry with the required documented that will qualify your services for insurance reimbursements.  The average evaluation at healthcare facilities are subjective and fail to meet the requirements of the AMA Guidelines (American Medical Association). Where as the Fdx-PIE provides objective evaluations and the reporting services are specifically designed to provide the proper documentation the insurance companies need.

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