XenoLabs is always cookin up something

XenoLabs - New Product Development

As you guessed it, the XenoLabs division is in full swing as always and we're cooking up something wonderful

What will it be? A new toaster with Bluetooth - why not?  A talking refrigerator - unlikely.. How about something to better the lives for patients and their wellbeing, that sounds a bit better.


Just remember, with XenoInc.org Innovations Are Everywhere!

Favorite Visual Studio Extensions

Version Management

The default build number system in Visual Studio isn't for everyone, even the developers of SharpDevelop recognized this and offered an auto-incrementing system. Luckily there is an extension called, Automatic Versions for VS2013 that works quite well. It provides ease of use with different configurations for Solutions, Projects, Debug/Release and even more levels of customization to provide your team with the proper numbering system for your products!


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