Game Development with Xamarin

MonoGameLately there has been a lot of buzz at Xamarin about game development, which is great for those who are interested in learning how to do it. Whether you are just learning C# and are using SharpDevelop or own a copy of Xamarin Studio (indie+) or Visual Studio, check out these great reads on game development with C#.  Truth be told, the focus of these links below are mostly for mobile platforms across multiple platforms.

XenoLabs is always cookin up something

XenoLabs - New Product Development

As you guessed it, the XenoLabs division is in full swing as always and we're cooking up something wonderful

What will it be? A new toaster with Bluetooth - why not?  A talking refrigerator - unlikely.. How about something to better the lives for patients and their wellbeing, that sounds a bit better.


Just remember, with Innovations Are Everywhere!


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