Issue 6

This week's article has a great video webinar to help solve the problem of capturing your customer audience through your applications. Check out the first section on, Why you need Mobile DevOps.


Why You Need Mobile DevOps

Here's something differet and needed, why you need Mobile DevOps. Coming from an agile background this video presentation gives a new prospective on why agile isn't enough. Keith Ballinger gives a great presentation. If don't like listening for a whole 20 minutes, set the speed to x1.5 in YouTube (I do it all the time).

Issue 5

This week contains a little extra gem titled, "Nanoservices for Mobile Apps with Azure Functions" written by the very talented, James Montemagno. If you ever get a chance to catch him on a podcast, James always brings a new level of knowledge and entertainment to the shows.

For this issue we listed up the days oldest first... why? because they are more interesting and useful!  Don't froget to checkout, Building Custom Animations in Xamarin.Forms. This really showcases the power of XF and how easy it is to do things. Back in 1998, this would have taken a lot more code.


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