Hosting Drupal core from subdirectory

11 Dec 2012

This article is a reference if you would like to host your Drupal (v7) core from a sub directory.  This can be very useful for admins who are hosting multiple virtual hosts on a single server and the user does not have access to Apache's httpd.conf file.

Lets begin!

There are 2 requirements.

  1. Place a .htaccess file in the root of your home directory
  2. Edit your "/sites/default/settings.php" file to look for the $base_path variable.


Installing PHPUnit

11 Dec 2012

This article requires that you have already configured your web server, php and have pear installed.

Install PHPUnit

The following is a good example if you want to use PHPUnit with your NetBeans installation.  In this case both PHPUnit and PHPUnit_SkeletonGenerator are needed.  We threw in DbUnit just for fun.

Installing PEAR on Windows

11 Dec 2012

Before we begin

Before continuing make sure that you have you web server configured with a recent copy of PHP installed.
This operation is practically the same for Linux, Windows and MAC.  However, this article focus on Windows.

Installing PEAR for Windows

Here's a quick breakdown of what we are going to do.  We are simply going to accept the default settings for a system-wide configuration.

Steps Involved

Using PEAR behind a proxy

11 Dec 2012

What is PEAR?
PEAR is an extension library of PHP.  If you don't know what any of this is still, then this article my not be much use to you.

Setting up PEAR behind a proxy 
The command is simple whether you are using Linux, PC or MAC.  Before proceeding make sure that you have your webserver configured, PHP installed and PEAR already installed as well.

Mass rename _svn to .svn

15 Mar 2012

There comes a time when _svn is no longer useful and you have to use .svn (or vice versa).  Well here is a simple BASH script to accomplish that for your entire project folder and all of its sub folders.  This is especially helpful when upgrading TortoiseSVN to the latest version which only uses one .SVN (_SVN) directory.

Rooting Kindle Touch

16 Jan 2012

Its yours right? So lets get the most out of it.


When you ask most Do-It-Yourself people or hackers we would probably say, "how does this work" or "if you bought it then you are allowed to take it apart and do what you want with it".  This document is not for the intent of ripping off services or stealing from the makers of the Kindle.  Though I do "hear" the previous 3G Kindles that had monthly service payments for the service were able to be rooted and get free 3G service.  That kind of procedure is outside the scope of this article.

Setting up MySQL on Linux

9 Dec 2011

Installing on UbuntuMySQL Logo

There are several ways to get MySQL installed on Ubuntu such as the nice GUI frontends like Synaptic or Adept by searching for "mysql-server". However below is just as quick using the command line.

sudo apt-get install mysql-server 

also you can use Aptitude:

57 Tips Every Admin Should Know

5 Dec 2011

This was a great article written by Emanuel Carabott for TalkTechToMe back in August 2011.   There are a lot of things some of you may already know and others which are downright helpful and/or new.  No matter how good you think you are there is always something to learn or even to use as a reference point.


Active Directory

1. To quickly list all the groups in your domain, with members, run this command:

dsquery group -limit 0 | dsget group -members –expand